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Super Sonico


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Coming in Jun 2022

Super Sonico in a waitress outfit! Presenting a scale figure of Super Sonico in a sexy bikini waitress outfit! The 1/6th scale ...
Max Factory / Super Sonico

1/6 Super Sonico: Bikini Waitress Ver.

Coming in Mar 2022

Special Price $197.95 Regular Price $219.95
A scale figure of Super Sonico in her outfit from the Taimanin RPG × Super Sonico collab! Chara-Ani's new figure brand CAworks...
Coming in Nov 2021

Specification: Painted ATBC-PVC&ABS&Polyester, Total height: approx. 300mm (top of head)
Furyu / Super Sonico

BiCute Bunnies - Rem

Coming in Sep 2021

Height 27.5cm
QuesQ / Super Sonico

1/7 Super Sonico Love Bomber!

From Union Creative comes a re-run of Super Sonico White Cat Version! Dressed in a lacy white lingerie set and a denim jacket, Son...
Union Creative / Super Sonico

Super Sonico White Cat Ver. Non-Scale Figure

"Let's splash!" A new scale figure of Super Sonico from the main visual art from her collaboration with the water battle game f...
6 Items
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  • hugriver


    has this!-3h

    MG XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe Hell EW Ver.

    1st MG kit I've ever built. Pretty easy and straightforward, no surprises compared to the IBO HG kits I've previously built, other than the increased number of parts, and the entirely Japanese manual. But there were several frustrating steps that had to be surmounted. Particularly inserting the cheek grills of step 2-2 on the face. The skirts on the waist were also a fidgety nightmare to get on. The worst part was steps 11-2 and 11-4, which are a mirrored internal parts for the wings. The manual would have you insert the two identical rings PC11 into parts I15 (the right side step 11-2) and I14 (the left side, step 11-4) then it has you put identical pieces I2 into the PC11s. Don't do this. Put in the I2 parts into the PC11s BEFORE you put them in to I15 and I14. You'll have a way easier time. The only hand options that actually grip the scythe are parts XA9 and XA10, the instructions don't even list them as an option when building the arms. So be aware of that. It's a sturdy kit, the only problem with posing I had was getting the Scythe to line up in both hands/ arms. And it does take some finagling with the balance to get it to stand with the wings. Overall a great kit, it does justice to the Goth Gundam.

  • taqkos


    wants this!-10h

    MG ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos

    I want this!

  • zharda


    wants this!-11h

    RG MS-06F Zaku II

    I want this!

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