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Replacement Policy

All our items come directly from licensed distributors of authentic products that have passed rigorous QA standards before hitting the market. However, it’s possible something slipped through the cracks! Here are some ways to obtain replacements for defective parts or products:

Model Kits

Bandai Hobby: For all Bandai Hobby model kits, replacement parts are available through Bluefin Distribution if the kit has a Bluefin Distribution sticker on the short end of the box. They will even cover incidental breaks or part losses, even if it’s not a manufacturer defect. You can complete this process by filling out the form on this page:

As for Bandai model kits that do not have that sticker, we will directly replace a defective part if you are able to show definitively that the issue was a manufacturer defect. Examples include malformed/partially formed pieces still on the runner, missing pieces in a still-sealed plastic bag, and other such identifiable issues. Because of this, we recommend checking all runners before removing them from the plastic packaging prior to building. We will not be able to supply replacements if these requirements aren’t met. Thank you for your understanding.

Kotobukiya: For Kotobukiya products with defects, you can contact [email protected]

Good Smile Company: For Good Smile Company model kits like Moderoid or Chitocerium, you can use the Good Smile Company customer support portal at the following link to receive a replacement:

Pre-assembled figures

Please note that the following does not apply to paint application variances, color variances, or products that are more than 6 months past their release date. If the defect does not fall into one of those prior categories:

Bandai/Tamashii Nations: All these products will have Bluefin Distribution stickers near the barcode. You can complete the replacement process by going to the following link:

Kotobukiya Figures: For Kotobukiya products with defects, you can contact [email protected]

Good Smile Company: For all products produced by Good Smile Company (figmas, Nendoroids, some scale statues, etc.) there will be an information block near the barcode on the product. You can use the link displayed on the package ( or navigate directly to to fill out the replacement information request.

Square Enix : Please refer to the back of the item box for the appropriate customer service address.

For any products not outlined in this guide, you can email [email protected] for us to attempt to reach a resolution for you. Please note that we will not be able to directly provide a refund or exchange for an item unless it has been outlined in this guide. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note: Replacements can not be provided due to color variations or tone inconsistencies and are only for defective parts.
No replacements will be available for items more than 3 months past their purchase date in any case.

This policy was written and posted by our in-house staff on February 7, 2020. If the above text appears on any other website--in part or in whole--after that date, it was taken from us without our permission.



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