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The Final Showroom Update: We Are Opening on October 15th

The Final Showroom Update: We Are Opening on October 15th

You've read all the other posts. You've seen all our updates. You know the struggles with the town, and the contractors, and the DOOR. Oh that door, the door we never thought would be installed.

The door's here, the lights are here, the displays are here. It's all here, so it's time to let you guys in to Gundam Planet for the first time since 2020.

You're all probably freaking out just like we are, so let's address some questions that we anticipate we'll be hearing a lot of starting right now:

Will we be able to shop your entire warehouse like we used to?
We know this will be very disappointing to hear, but no. This is for a variety of reasons linked to the expansion of our business, but it mostly comes down to 2 factors:
-The number of daily orders we receive is anywhere from 3-10 times more than it was at our old warehouse. Because of this, allowing customers in our warehouse would have way too much potential for frequent double-selling of inventory, which is bad for everyone.
-The number of shipments we receive has increased exponentially. At our old location, we would receive one large restock every 1-2 weeks. Now, we receive large shipments multiple times a week and sometimes every day, and we cannot have customers in such an active receiving warehouse.
Despite this, we still will have the contents of our warehouse fully represented in the showroom. We also may plan occasional “shop the warehouse” special events, order volume and stock levels permitting. We appreciate your understanding!

Does this mean you guys will finally have price tags on your items??
Sadly, no! While we will have signage to designate special sales that are exclusive to the showroom, we unfortunately can’t put price tags on items because inventory moves between the warehouse and the showroom so regularly. Sometimes items have to be taken from the showroom to fulfill online orders and vice versa, so tagging each item would be a massive undertaking that we can’t facilitate at our current volume.
However, unlike in the last location, prices online and in store are exactly the same. Just check our website while you’re browsing and you’ll see the pre-tax subtotal exactly as it will ring up!

Do you guys have parking?
We do! Depending on staffing during operational warehouse hours, we expect to have 5-7 spots available in our private lot at any time. This was more than enough in our last warehouse, but that was over 2 years and an entire reality ago so we’re not 100% sure what to expect.
ON SATURDAYS ONLY, the lots of the surrounding warehouses and our loading dock can be used. This cannot be done during the week. Overflow parking on weekdays can be found approximately .3 miles away at 24 Atlantic St, Hackensack, NJ 07601.

Are there any purchase restrictions in the showroom?
Specifically for our opening week, all items are subject to a discretionary 1-per-customer limit based on availability. (Of course, if we have 200 of something you can buy multiple, but we won’t allow people to load their trunk with limited SHFiguarts.) After that, limits in-store will be the same as online.

What are your permanent hours?
We’re still getting a feel for this and figuring out the sweet spot between “full retail” and our half-day hours we used to have. For the first 2 weeks, we will be evaluating a 3PM-7PM schedule M-F and 11AM-7PM on Saturday. We still will be closed on Sundays no matter what because of those weird blue laws in Bergen County.

Will you be honoring old bonus cards?
Absolutely! Please note that they still will never stack on other promotions, so it will generally not benefit you to use them on sale items like damaged boxes. That said, we do not plan to implement that program again, and will instead have more frequent rotating sales for customers shopping in store. Of course, we’ll honor any filled-out punch card as long as we’re open. You’ve earned it for holding onto them as long as you have!

Will stock in the store be the same as online?
In 95% of cases, yes. However, we do reserve the right to segment stock for any purpose, including guaranteeing fair availability of limited items between sales channels. If you see something on the site and can’t find it in person, just let one of our staff know and they’ll be happy to look into it for you!

Are you affected by the NJ plastic bag ban?
We sure are! While we still do have left-over HUGE bags from the last time we were open that we have to get rid of by using, we currently do not have a normal-size alternative. We recommend bringing reusable bags you may have accumulated from grocery stores for regular purchases, and we do plan to offer tote bags in the future. (We also still have those little paper ones for all tools or hard-to-handle small items though!)

Are there any special Covid-related restrictions in place?
As of right now, no. However, we do strongly support the use of masks if you are more comfortable wearing one, and we also encourage everyone to STAY HOME IF YOU ARE FEELING SICK. We love to have you all here, but you don’t need to come in if you’re feeling under the weather—we promise we’ll still be here once you’re better!
All that said, if we find ourselves in another horrible new pandemic situation, we will absolutely reinforce any resulting masking and vaccination requirements.

Are you actually going to play "Welcome to Station Square" from Sonic Adventure on the Sega Dreamcast entertainment system for 8 hours a day, every day?
You're just gonna have to find out.

Does your bathroom still have a massive hole straight through the wall?
Thankfully no, our bathrooms are brand new and very nice! We want to keep them that way, so please make sure to respect the space and keep them clean so that no other customers (or our staff) have to deal with any issues!
PLEASE NOTE: We’re waiting on the boiler people to perform the annual hot water heater purge and clear air from the hot water lines. In the meantime, please do not use the hot water as it will likely sputter all over you. We’ll have signs in the bathrooms to remind you while you’re here!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the ongoing nature of construction on our building, the downstairs visitor bathroom is not complete and cannot be used. As a result, we do not currently have a handicap-accessible bathroom. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding while we finish all renovations!

Some Final Notes:
It’s possible you feel kind of like we do, in that we’ve all been inhabiting a fever dream since March 2020. In addition to everything that happened with the pandemic, please keep in mind that we have moved warehouses, increased our sales and inventory volume and operational size by triple, literally constructed a showroom from scratch, and countless other endeavors since we have last had a customer set foot in the store. We can’t wait to have you back to check out the new space, but please note that there will likely be snags while we get our feet back under us. We mentioned earlier that we closed and opened in different realities and that’s not even a joke; the world and industry are completely different from the last time that we were able to have you all with us in person. We expect to see a lot of familiar faces but also a lot of new ones who found the hobby when the world shut down, and we’ve done our best to create a space for everyone—from the hardcore hobbyist to the beginner builder, everyone is welcome here. We can’t wait to start the next chapter of our journey alongside all of you!

2010: Keeping stock in a storage unit and having office space in the Empire State Building for business meetings

2011-2013: Ridgefield warehouse unit rental with leaky ceiling that needed to be tarped every time it rained

2013-2020: Palisades Park rented warehouse where we laid the floor ourselves, did our own plumbing repairs, and dealt with all the Fort Lee-area nonsense while learning how to run a fusion walk-in / online niche hobby business that cars occasionally drove through while pipes in the uninhabited second floor burst.

2020-2022: Owning our own building for the first time in Hackensack while navigating a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic and scaling operations to meet the demand caused by a large majority of humanity discovering new hobbies to stay sane during lockdown.

October 15, 2022: The beginning of a new era.

Welcome to the new Gundam Planet.


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