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~*Figurise Review*~ S.H.Figuarts Ninja Batman

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~*Figurise Review*~ S.H.Figuarts Ninja Batman Figurise Column


S.H.Figuarts Ninja Batman

After a few weeks, I Am Back! I apologize for the delay as we went away to Otakon and that really threw a wrench in the gears of trying to write blog posts! Anyway, earlier this month S.H.Figuarts Ninja Batman showed up and after checking out the movie when it released this past May - I was absolutely stoked to open this guy up and man I was not disappointed. When I first saw this design on display at NYCC last year (or the year before? I don’t remember) I actually thought it was supposed to be part of the Meisho Realization lineup and didn’t realize it was based on an anime Batman movie. If you can appreciate badass animation and a truly stupid story, I would highly recommend checking out Batman Ninja.

One thing to note about this box is that is it absolutely massive for a standard sized S.H.Figuarts release due to Batman’s big ol’ cape. That’s alright though, nothing wrong with a big box. I’ll give props to Tamashii for neatly organizing everything in the clamshell and leading to an overall very nice presentation. Very straightforward and to the point.

Now here’s something that really took me by surprise while I was unboxing this guy. They added little pull tabs to the plastic pieces that they insert to avoid the paint scratching off while in the box! No more having to tear at it hoping that you can remove it all in one go or having to remove limbs to get those extra tricky pieces out. I think anyone who collects figures will really appreciate this small, but thoughtful inclusion.

Alright, so here he is! The cape definitely makes him as back-heavy as you would expect, but you can get him standing with a little convincing. I really think he looks fantastic and maybe more importantly the plastic feel very high quality. The joints are smooth, there’s a great use of different materials, and the paint apps are crisp.

You don’t get a ton in terms of accessories, but you probably get as much as you really need. All the logical hand options are present as well as a couple of great looking weapons. Most importantly, is that this might be my my favorite swappable head ever offered with a S.H.Figuarts release. More on that later.

I’m definitely a sucker for a figure that you can pose while it’s unsheathing a sword. I absolutely love the included hands that can grip the sheath. They aren’t perfect as you need to sit it in place nicely, but they just look fantastic. He looks so dang tough.

If a big sword isn’t your thing, you can switch to the hands included specifically to hold the Bat Kunai. They have little bat symbols on the bottom of them, and if that isn’t the coolest thing - I don’t know what is. Again, so tough. This man is not messing around.

Here we go! Ninja Batman is powering up - big time! I don’t really think that this head swap is necessary for any real Batman poses, but it’s hilarious. He definitely does not stand up naturally like this, I had to balance the cape on the hangar base, but I really appreciate being able to do silly things with a figure when I didn’t expect to be able to. Finally, Batman can hang with Goku.

All in all, S.H.Figuarts Ninja Batman totally rules and I would 100% recommend to anyone who likes Batman or SHF or figures in general. This is easily my favorite SHF Batman released to date and now I’m very excited to see if the Joker from Batman Ninja holds up the same way. There’s also a figma release of this guy coming next year as well as a Catwoman - so I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on those when they arrive!

S.H.Figuarts Batman Ninja gets a “Very Nice and Very Tough out of 10”

Let me know what you thought and see you next time!


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