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The Gundam Planet / Figurise Release Date Tracker is Live!

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GP Nick wrote this. -7d

Hi everyone!

If you didn't know this, a lot of collectibles have been and continue to be delayed by the pandemic. This is due to both manufacturing issues and also severe slowdowns in the North American distribution system due to staffing shortages and high volume. Some of our items have been sitting in our distributor's warehouse, bought and paid for, waiting for shipment for over 2 months. We are SO sorry for all the ongoing delays and appreciate your patience while we work through them.

We planned to do quarterly updates because of what a massive undertaking tracking all this is, but we decided to go one further and make a live, constantly-updated sheet with ALL the information we have at our disposal. All you have to do is open your order confirmation email, copy the numeric portion of the item JAN code, click the link below, and CTRL+F the sheet to find your item!

Click here to go to the sheet!

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