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From the popular anime series 'Osomatsu-san' comes a collection of trading figures featuring the six brothers of the Matsuno famil...
Good Smile Company / Osomatsu-san

Osomatsu-san Trading Figures (Set of 6)

Your headphones definitely aren't fancy or cute enough. Achieve both upgrades at once by getting in on these adorable [email protected] c...

Special Price $44.95 Regular Price $49.95
Lineup: -Super saiyan god SS Son Goku -Vegeta -Frieza -Whis -Beerus Height: 80mm
MegaHouse / Dragon Ball Series

Yura-Cole Dragonball Super (Set of 5)

The newest set of Rubber Mascots contains a selection of your favorite characters from across the Naruto saga! Each set contain...

Let's face it - your key ring just isn't tough enough. But with the help of iconic Dragonball Z characters it can be! Set inclu...

The cast of Sailor Moon are getting released in adorable Ochatomo form! This set includes decorative glass toppers in the form of ...
Coming in Oct 2018

Megahouse is reissuing their Naruto addition to the ever popular Ochatomo series! Now all of our favorite Naruto characters can ha...
Coming in Feb 2019

Special Price $25.95 Regular Price $39.95
Assorted according to maker's rate from 6 types (including 1 secret type). Lineup: -Kirby (smiling) -Kirby (composed face) -...
MegaHouse / Video Game Characters Other

Charm Patisserie Kirby's Cookie Time (Set of 6)

Coming in Mar 2019

Special Price $22.95 Regular Price $24.95
Characters from Bonobono as collectible cable acccessories! From the manga series Bonobono comes a selection of character accesso...
Good Smile Company / Anime Characters Other

Bonobono Cable Accessories (Collectible)

9 Items
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