• “Anime

    Anime Action Figure

    Finely-detailed, high-quality action figures that allow for dynamic posing. Recreate any scenes from the anime that you want!

    Chibi Style Character

    These characters have been re-proportioned and crafted into the undeniably cute chibi style. Ideal for collecting and posing in large groups.

    Premium Collectible

    Dynamic figures made in very limited runs that often feature a lot of high-quality materials like die-cast metal or composites in their construction.

    Bishoujo Statue

    Exquisitely-crafted statues with designs based on incredibly cute renditions of all your favorite characters.

    Character Statue

    Incredibly accurate static representations of the anime characters. No expense is spared in the crafting of these 3D works of art.

  • “S.F.Heroes”

    Tokusatsu Modern

    These represent the pinnacle of both modern hero character design and modern action figure technology.

    Tokusatsu Classic

    Action figures that employ all the modern gimmicks but retain the nostalgia of the original hero character.


    High-detail figures and statues of all your favorite superheroes from comic books and their movie adaptations.

    Video Game

    Superb renditions of all the characters across the video game universe from retro to modern.


    The highest quality figures and statues of all the most notorious monsters from across the sci-fi universe.


    Amazing representations of all your favorite women from games, movies, comics and beyond.

  • Robot Figures

    Robot Action Figures

    The most advanced and poseable collectible robot action figures available made from high-quality PVC materials.

    Chogokin Collectibles

    Every collector's dream figures that feature only the best die-cast materials for truly stunning display pieces.


    Figures and models of America's classic giant robot series ranging from the original cartoon versions to the new movie renditions.

  • Designer Figures

    Designer's Figures

    Figures that are perfect for the artist or photographer looking to experiment and expand their horizon.

    Artist Figures

    Figure versions of some of the most popular artists from around the world with J-Pop idols, club music legends and everything in between.

    Dolls & Accessories

    Generic dolls designed to give you greater control over their appearance, making them the best option for anyone looking to exercise their creativity.

  • Accessories

    Action Figure Play Supports

    Can be used with separately sold Tamashii STAGE support stands and action figure lines such as S.H.Figuarts to create extreme action sequences.

    Character Apparel

    Clothing that is either based on or inspired by your favorite shows and characters from the animated entertainment world.

    Fun Character Stuff

    Fun accessories perfect for spicing up your workspace desks and computers or bringing with you for objects like phones or mugs.

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